SATA Theatre

Who Shot The Sheriff - Apr 2022
Howdy one and all! Come and join us at the Silver Dollar, Tumbleweed Gulch's one and only saloon, and help us solve the mystery - Who Shot The Sheriff? You'll be certain of a welcome warmer than a Florida summer from our hosts Clementine and Randy Gilmore. Spend time with the locals, maybe Ol' Duke Hazard'll take you prospectin' for gold. You'll meet some of the other guests passing through on the stage, driven by our one and only Chip Handpin. We see all sorts of folks passing through on their way from Dodge City to 'Frisco. We get religious types, like Sister Gloria Excelsis, to rootin tootin' show girls like Fletch Bonanza. Not to mention mysterious strangers, men with no names. Now, Sheriff John Boy Roscoe might not be everyone's cup of joe but did he deserve to get shot? And who did it? Can you help our very own Deputy Delores solve the case? See ya'll soon, Gerty Goldwheat and Daisy-May Knott PS. Feel free to bring along a bottle of your favourite tipple, stock at the Silver Dollar is very limited.

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