SATA Community Theatre Group

Who Killed Cinderella ? - 10th March

Everything in the panto was going so well: the scenery was all built; the spotlights were up; the audience were waiting with bated breath; the cast knew their lines - well some of them anyway - but where oh where had that dratted girl got to ?

Well that wasn't in the script - someone's done in our leading lady !

But who ? It's almost as if everyone had a grudge against the girl ! So can you help our hapless producer solve this dastardly crime before the police get here ? You'll get your chance to weigh the evidence and to interview the suspects yourself, but beware, they may not all be telling the truth.

A prize for the correct - or if not the most inventive answer !

Performance starts at 7:30 pm on Saturday 10th March.

Tickets are £8.00. for adults and £6.00 for children but there‘s a £1 discount for every ticket booked online in advance.

Tickets can be bought on the door, or booked in advance here.

St Andrew‘s Church Hall is located here.