SATA Community Theatre Group

Future Productions


Peter Pan

A comedy written and directed by Tony Balmer

Meet Peter Pan, Wendy and the notorious Captain Hook in J.M.Barrie‘s wonderful fairy tale of the boy who never grew up. It really will be the greatest adventure ...

Auditions: 19th Mar 2018
Performances: 28th Jun 2018; 29th Jun 2018; 30th Jun 2018

Babes in the Wood

A pantomime written and directed by Stephen Hargreaves

A classic re-telling of the fairy story - SATA style

Auditions: 2nd Jul 2018
Performances: 22nd Nov 2018; 23rd Nov 2018; 24th Nov 2018


Phantom Express

A comedy written and directed by Tony Balmer

Is it fate that brought a couple of hikers, a ghost-hunter, a pair of newly weds and cynical reporter to a remote railway station that evening ? Is his lordship's interest in steam engines just a hobby or is there something more sinister afoot ? There's only one way to find out ...

Auditions: 8th Apr 2019
Performances: 4th Jul 2019; 5th Jul 2019; 6th Jul 2019