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SATA Community Theatre is a not for profit organisation based in the UK.

General Principles

We will never give or sell any of the information you provide to us to third parties; we will never use or subscribe to internet tracking services or the ilk; we will make the minimum use of browser cookies consistent with keeping our site secure; and we will do our best to protect any information you do provide to us by using secure transmission techniques and keeping our system as up to date as we can with the latest security measures.

We will never gather data without your knowledge and consent; we will only ask for the data we actually need for a given purpose (see purposes below); and we will only retain your data for a time consistent with that purpose. At any time you can ask to see what data we are holding about you, and you can instruct us to amend or delete it.


As a Customer buying tickets to our events we ask you to provide a name and an email address and our payment management provider (currently Paypal) may ask you for some additional contact information such as your address and phone number. This information is used for contractual purposes only, for example: to send you your e-ticket; or to notify you of a contingency such as your show being cancelled. We hold this information for six months after the event just in case there are any issues regarding payments.

We should stress that SATA does not hold, or indeed have any access to, the credit card or other payment details which you have entered into Paypal.


As a Subscriber to our newsletter the only information we hold is your email address and the date you first subscribed. Typically you will receive no more than one email per month which will notify you about our upcoming productions, social events, or other key news concerning the activities of the group. Your email address will be held on our database until until you unsubscribe which you can do by responding to the link provided in the email or by emailing our System Administrator, at which point your details will be deleted.


As a Member of this website, we ask for your name and some additional contact details notably a phone number. We are assuming that you have joined the website because you already are, or wish to become, a participant in the activities of the group - not just come to watch the shows. As such we hold the information so that members can contact one another about organising or participating in the group‘s activites - e.g. auditions, committee meetings, etc. - and implicitly you give your consent to such contacts

Members can view or update their own data using the facilities on the website. Member data is held until the member indicates to us that they wish to leave by emailing the System Administrator. Conversly, if members have not been active for some time, the System Administrator may contact them to see whether they wish to remain so. Either way, once a member leaves the website, their details will be deleted.

Contact Us

If you have any issues or concerns regarding privacy on the website please contact our System Administrator using the link below.

System Administrator